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MSc in Digital Business
19 Jun 2024 09:29

Hi! I'm Norbert, a graduate of Robert Kennedy College. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm Norbert, from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
I earned a master's degree in Digital Business from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK. This was made possible via Robert Kennedy College (RKC).
I have over 15 years of experience as an IT professional. However, I did not limit my career to IT. I got multiple experiences and various skills in different companies. With all the life waves, I landed again in IT and wanted to refresh myself on all the cutting-edge technologies.
Definitely, RKC was the best option for me to access recognition online Master's based on their long experience in distance learning.
I did it right! My only regret was not doing it earlier.

RKC provides all ingredients required to make the study the best experience ever. First, high-quality materials from Salford Business School and the tutors were highly available as well as willing to assist us in taking advantage of courses despite our hectic schedules.
Furthermore, the website's chat forums and student organizations' Whatsapp groups were excellent motivation and knowledge-sharing sources.
Finally, I appreciated the research-based assignments in a variety of formats.

If you have any questions about my experiences of studying with RKC, I would be happy to share them with you.

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