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Master of Business Administration
21 May 2024 22:15

Hi! I'm Ashutosh, a graduate of Robert Kennedy College. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Based in Durban, South Africa, I am the founder member and group CEO for a group of companies involved in agro processing, international trade, and marketing consumer products. My passion has always been enriching the lives of all stakeholders through sustainable wealth generation with a value driven approach. Skills development for unlocking the human potential, creating a transparent, professional environment for the team members, and living up to core organizational values remain the key focus areas for fulfilling the strategic objectives. Prior to South Africa which has been my home for the last twenty odd years, I worked in Nigeria for five years and prior to that in India for five years where I was born and brought up. The two courses that I undertook at University of Cumbria/RKC, namely MBA and LL.M helped me a lot in further sharpening my skills and the enhancement of career.

I found that the virtual classroom at RKC offers an interactive, thought-provoking learning environment with students around the globe. And while the experienced and engaging faculty brings the participants up to date with the latest management trends, the summative and formative assessments encourage research as well as critical thinking. The residential module further enhances and enriches the learning experience. The course material is challenging yet doable while the course remains affordable. Above all, it leads to a well-recognized British Master’s degree in management. Well worth the effort!

If you have any questions about my experiences of studying with RKC, I would be happy to share them with you.

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